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"The Federal Reserve Act tends to conceal from the general public the fact that we print dollars to meet government deficits."

Edward R. Dewey

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November 22, 2014

It's A Wonderful Reefer

"Coverage of the midterm elections has, understandably, focused on the shift in political power from Democrats toward Republicans. But behind the scenes, another major story has been playing out. Wall Street spent upwards of $300M to influence the election results. And a key part of its agenda has been a plan to move more and more of the $3 trillion dollars in unguarded government pension funds into privately managed, high-fee investments a shift that may well constitute the biggest financial story of our generation that you've never heard of."

Wall Street is Taking Over America's Pension Plans

If you never heard of it it is because you have not picked up an economic textbook recently. With all the talk about how the banksters are ripping us off no one seems to have remembered the S&L crisis or noticed how the big banks have been gobbling up the small failing banks over the past few decades. My bank has more aliases than than pot pusher Howard Marks (Mr. Nice).

"In 1980 banks and thrifts together held nearly 60 percent of financial assets in the United States. By 2005 that percentage had declined to about 24 percent."

Recent Developments in Money and Banking

The reason for this that the money has been flowing into the pension funds and insurance companies which have been stashing the loot into stock and bonds.

"Where did the declining shares of the banks and thrifts go? Pension funds, insurance firms, and particularly securities firms and mutual fund companies expanded their shares of financial assets."

Recent Developments in Money and Banking

This is the same investment strategy which banks have been using when the economy was growing which allowed them to pay such high interest rates to their customers during the 1980s and 1990s. Institutions investing directly into the market gives them a higher return but at a greater risk. To save the banks Congress changed the law allowing them to deal in stocks and bonds.

"In 1996 Congress greatly loosened the Depression-era prohibition against banks selling stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, and it ended the prohibition altogether in the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999.

Banks, thrifts, pension companies, insurance companies, and securities firms can now merge with one another and sell each other's products. Thus, the lines between the subsets of the financial industry are beginning to blur. "

Recent Developments in Money and Banking

The world has changed a great deal since George Bankster Bailey's time.

It's A Wonderful Life Trailer

George Bailey: a member of the "Illuminati?"

It's A Wonderful Life - Bailey vs. Potter

In a good remake "It's A Wonderful Life" uncle Billy would be a pot-head, instead of a boozer, getting his fix every day from Dr. Feelgood.

It's A Wonderful Life - Pottersville

Actually, this clip is misnamed. It shows you what Potter was like not what Pottersville was like. Hard to find a clip showing this. Probably because it hits too close to home. It is what America is becoming: Potheadsville or Soros City.

"Clarence shows George what the town would have been like without him. In this alternate scenario, Bedford Falls is instead named Pottersville, and is home to sleazy nightclubs, pawn shops, and immoral people."

Clarence the Angel

It's a Wonderful Life

Wall Street was awash in crack and cocaine when the economy was growing. Now that he DOW should be coming down it is time for the downers. And with more and more uncle Billies on pot we should be ready for the hard times again with the assets being transfered to the Soros and Potter types as usual.

Incidentally, I now think that the reason why the inflation and per capita adjusted DOW is higher than predicted by my cycles analysis is not just because of the baby boom and the increase in productivity made possible by the computer revolution. I think that it may also reflect the new global economy.

So in adjusting the DOW to a per capita basis I should have taken into account the population of the countries which contribute to the US economy. I am not quite sure how to do this at present. But as they say, the higher something goes the harder it falls. And if the protectionists have their sway then get ready for another big one.

"Economists still agree that Smoot-Hawley and the ensuing tariff wars were highly counterproductive and contributed to the depth and length of the global Depression."

Ben Bernanke

Benny knows whereof he speaks with regard to the big one.

"I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it. We're very sorry. But thanks to you, we won't do it again."


Economic Cycles, The Dow, Gold, and the Federal Reserve

November 20, 2014

The Plot To Make America Gay Queer

"Why has homosexuality come out of the closet into the living room of American life? Through a combination of Media, Hollywood, Lobbies, and Courts all run by Jews, sexual depravity is now touted as the "new normal."

In fact, a sitcom called, "The New Normal," features perverted bedroom scenes and homosexual propaganda targeting American youth."

Mohel: Rabbi who ritually sucks the penis of a baby

The Plot To Make America Gay Queer

Pardon my politically incorrect political correctness in returning the words “gay” and “queer” to their original meanings. I never think about these issues any more because I stopped watching the boob tube when it went digital. Now I only watch old videos and DVDs which contain content which will not throw a cesspool of filth in my face and insult my intelligence with phony political issues.

Sex has evolved as a means for animals, plants, and even micro-organisms to adapt to their environments. Organisms which reproduce asexually are at a disadvantage as a pathogen can come along and wipe out the whole species because of the lack of genetic diversity. The trend in evolution has been to move from hermaphrodism with both male and female sexual parts on the same individual (as in snails and worms) to separate sexes which include the vast majority of animal species and many plant species.

The advantages of sexual dimorphism (separate sexes) are so great that one is hard put to find any species returning to the hermaphroditic way of life. I see no advantage in returning to the snail which does nothing but muck about and feed on slime.

November 19, 2014

Return of the Goy with an Axe

"Two Palestinians stormed a Jerusalem synagogue, attacking worshippers with knives, axes and guns...Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will 'respond harshly' to the attack and said he would demolish the attacker's homes. Hamas leader Mushir al-Masri described the slaughter as a "heroic act"...

"We will settle the score in this battle for Jerusalem"

Israeli PM's chilling vow as thousands gather in grief after Palestinian fanatics massacre five people in synagogue axe horror

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed revenge on the Palestinians responsible for the attack on the Jerusalem synagogue, pledging to demolish the homes of the men involved. "

Speaking just hours after the attack, which claimed the lives of five people, he said he would

"settle the score with every terrorist"
claiming those who wanted to force the Israeli people out of Jerusalem would not succeed.

He said:

"We are in a battle over Jerusalem, our eternal capital."

Rabbis massacred in Jerusalem Synagogue Axe Attack

Assuming that you can take this story at face value, which is never a correct assumption when you are taking about any story connected to Israel - just imagine if you had some politician advocating that the families of the perpetrators of crimes should have their homes demolished! People would say that that guy is crazy! He's nuts! Lock him up!

Even in Israel - what if Netanyahu started advocating that the families of Jews be held responsible for the crimes which their relatives commit: that their houses should be demolished whenever their relatives commit some atrocious crime. Even the Israelis would start to say “this guy is crazy! He's nuts! Lock him up!”

But somehow when it comes to the politics of Zionism people loose their minds and start to take sides with the loonies, and see their point of view as being legitimate.

"The attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem today took place in Har Nof, a Jewish neighborhood built over the ruins of Deir Yassin, a Palestinian village whose inhabitants were wiped out on April 9, 1948. The Deir Yassin Massacre delivered a clear message to the Palestinian people. The Jewish militias were driven by genocidal inclinations and the Arabs better run for their lives. However, it seems as if the Palestinian collective memory is alive and kicking - it may be possible that the Deir Yassin Massacre was commemorated today."

Montage: Douglas Reed Deir Yassin

Deir Yassin Remembered?

I don't see why Palestinians would commemorate a massacre which happened in November in April and why they would wait 66 years to express their disapproval. The motivation for this crime (if it happened at all) is most likely to be connected to some recent atrocity. And it is not all certain who the guilty parties and the victims might be.

"As it turned out, the school in question (or rather, the "seminary" as they were referring to it) turned out to be a training camp for Jewish terrorists...Like most things these days, it was cleverly disguised under the very religious-sounding name "Merkaz Harav," or the Rabbi Center.

Deeper Look: Jerusalem School Massacre

A Deeper Look Into The Jerusalem School Massacre

But we can make a good guess.

"The attack came a week after Israeli incursions into Gaza left 120 Palestinians dead, many of whom were civilians, including children, and a toddler, too...The Israeli operations in Gaza generated a groundswell of opinion against the Zionist state in the West. Leading to speculation that Israel was behind the seminary attack in an effort to redeem itself and again cast Israel as the victim of terror rather the its perpetrator.

Israeli covert operatives have frequently masqueraded as Palestinians and Israeli military commanders have openly admitted that units impersonating terrorists are a key asset in the West Bank"

Mystery Attack: Jerusalem School Massacre

Mystery Surrounds Role Of Hamas In Attack On Jerusalem Seminary

Israeli military commanders do not have to "impersonate terrorists." They are terrorists. The Hamas leader Mushir al-Masri obviously works for them as he is giving them an excuse to do the West Bank what they did to Gaza.

Palestinian child disarmed by Israeli settlers

Disarming the Palestinians

The choice of this alleged massacre of Jews on the very spot where the Deir Yassin massacre occurred on a date which is not even in the same month of the Deir Yassin massacre smacks of political expediency on the part of the perpetrators.

Apparently, they could not wait until spring to pull their stunt as the tide of world wide public opinion was turning against them. This is apparently the signal which triggers the gangster programmed Zionist computer to run its false flag programs with their Hamas subroutines interfaced with Bibi Laden's world wide all-crappa network.

BiBi Drone

Israeli Cartoon Depicts Netanyahu as 9-11 Pilot

Arkancide in Palestine.

Part of the problem with the West Bank and Gaza is that they are surrounded by a sea of religious homicidal maniacs who think that they oh so clever because they continually get away with murder.

"The Israeli jewish criminal gang decided to kill the driver, who has worked over the past years on the transfer of Israelis from their homes to their work...The Israeli police tries to cover the crime ... claimed that it appeared to be a suicide."

Israeli Lynch Mob Hangs Palestinian Bus Driver in Jerusalem

Unfortunately, this way of thinking has spread to the United States.

The "Clinton Body Count"

November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Original Purpose: A Commemortion of the End of War

Perhaps the best answer to Henry Makow's piece "Veteran's Day Requires a Rethink" is that a rethinking of the original purpose of celebrating Veterans Day makes us realize that the holiday was originally proposed as a commemortion to the end of War.

"World War I known at the time as The Great War - officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, in the Palace of Versailles outside the town of Versailles, France. However, fighting ceased seven months earlier when an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. For that reason, November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of the war to end all wars.

In November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day with the following words: "To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations.

The United States Congress officially recognized the end of World War I when it passed a concurrent resolution on June 4, 1926, with these words:"

"Whereas the 11th of November 1918, marked the cessation of the most destructive, sanguinary, and far reaching war in human annals and the resumption by the people of the United States of peaceful relations with other nations, which we hope may never again be severed, and

Whereas it is fitting that the recurring anniversary of this date should be commemorated with thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed to the holiday was based on a lie that president Wilson told Americans that the war fought in Europe was to be a "war the end all wars." It was a celebration of the end of all wars. peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations; and

Whereas the legislatures of twenty-seven of our States have already declared November 11 to be a legal holiday: Therefore be it Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), that the President of the United States is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the officials to display the flag of the United States on all Government buildings on November 11 and inviting the people of the United States to observe the day in schools and churches, or other suitable places, with appropriate ceremonies of friendly relations with all other peoples."

History of Veterans Day

This was based on the lie that president Wilson told Americans that the war fought in Europe was to be a "war the end all wars."

Wilson knew it was a lie because he was blackmailed into it by the same Jews who had blackmailed him into signing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which was needed to fight a protracted war in Europe. That war started just a few months after Wilson signed the bill in the next year in 1914 - 100 years ago.

After being blackmailed into signing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 President Woodrow Wilson had this to say:

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world-no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

President Woodrow Wilson

Wilson was deceptive. He did not "unwittingly ruin" his country. He was forced into it by people whose character and names he dared not reveal.

"Mr. Untermeyer surprised President wilson that he had been retained to bring a breach of promise action against President Wilson. Mr. Untermeyer informed President Wilson that his client was willing to accept $40,000 in lieu of commencing the breach of promise action. Mr. Untermeyer's client was the former wife of a Professor at Princeton University at the same time President Wilson was a professor at princeton University.

Mr. Untermeyer produced a packet of letters from his pocket, written by President Wilson to his colleague's wife when they were neighbors at Princeton University. These letters established the illicit relationship which had existed between President Wilson and the wife of his colleague neighbor. He had written many endearing letters to her, many of which she never destroyed. President Wilson acknowledged his authorship of the letters after examining a few of them."

President Wilson

President Wilson Blackmailed: The Hidden Tyranny, by Benjamin H. Freedman.

This was the same Samuel Untermeyer who publically complained that unnamed Jewish bankers (who Louis T. McFadden identified on the floor of the House of Representatives) were funding Hitler.

"Revolting as it is, it would be an interesting study in psychology to analyze the motives, other than fear and cowardice, that have prompted Jewish bankers to lend money to Germany as they are now doing. It is in part their money that is being used by the Hitler regime in its reckless, wicked campaign of propaganda to make the world anti-Semitic"

Samuel Untermyer

Samuel Untermyer's article in the New York Times, Monday, August 7, 1933

Thus the "war to end all wars" was really a war to keep Wilson in the White house and the foundation stone for an even greater war - World War II. This is what the "Doughboys" of World War I really fought for:

Benjamin Freedman on World Wars I, II, and III

Freedman was wrong about Hitler, by the way. Along with his Rothschild cousins, Hitler is the true founder of the state of Israel.

1945 BBC Radio Broadcast Proves Hitler Suicide a Fraud

Did Hitler retire to Argentina because Juan Domingo Perón was a fan of Benito Mussolini?

Because his cousins the Guggenheims had copper mines in Chile?

Old Adolf Hitler

The Rothschild-Hitler Connection

Or some other reason?

"of 60,000 Jews living in Argentina by the 1920s, 9,000 were involved in prostitution rackets. You have to admit it's a conversation stopper."

Brian Viner, Jewish Chronicle

"Hitler told me how he had sent for Furtwangler and told him he simply could not keep on playing pieces by Jewish composers. That was as intolerable as if he, Hitler, were to fall in love with a pretty Jewess.

I had to laugh inwardly. For actually, whenever Hitler did go near a woman at all, the woman he ogled would turn out to be a Jewess. "

"I Paid Hitler" by Fritz Thyssen -p. 127

November 10, 2014

Veterans' Day: A Time to Forget?

"If honoring veterans means perpetuating a cycle of endless war, we must stop...

The BIS handed over to the Nazis the national treasure of Czechoslovakia, Holland and Belgium to ensure the war could go on. This gold, worth $378 million at the time, was the basis of loans to the Nazis and was never returned.

The BIS accepted and stored Nazi plunder -- art, diamonds and precious metals including dental gold and wedding rings from concentration camp inmates.

The US Federal Reserve, the Banks of England, France, Italy, Japan and the Reichsbank were all members of the BIS. The Nazi Reichsbank had most seats but the BIS President was a Rockefeller factotum

Thomas H. McKittrick (1889-1970). (Significantly he has no Wikipedia entry.)

Veteran's Day Requires a Rethink by Henry Makow PHD.

No question that we must stop war but you are not going to do that by spreading disinformation and letting loose red herrings

The Nazi looting dental fillings is part of the rather absurd propaganda which the Zionist Nazi collaborators were spreading around after the war as red hearings.

"Although officials among the Western Allies, mindful of the cynicism which had followed the exploded atrocity lies after the First World War, at first tried to steer clear of more lurid and improbable accusations...Allied propagandists began to abandon their scruples...

Jewish and Communist sources had opened up a drumfire of allegations against the Germans, blasting them for every conceivable crime...

not even their remains were inviolable: their skins made into lampshades or riding breeches, their hair stuffed into mattresses or used to make slippers, their gold dental fillings swelling the Reich's coffers, and what was left over turned into soap or fertilizer."

Why Holocaust Revisionism? by Theodore J. O'Keefe

World War II was not funded by the Nazis pulling Jewish cavities or rummaging through the remains of people who died of highly contagious infectious typhus. Germany got its gold from the Federal Reserve.

"On April 27, 1932, the Fed outfit sent $750,000 belonging to American bank depositors in gold to Germany. A week later another $300,000 in gold was shipped to Germany. About the middle of May $12,000,000 in gold was shipped to Germany by the Fed. Almost every week there is a shipment of gold to Germany. These shipments are not made for profit on the exchange since the German marks are blow parity with the dollar.

Mr. Chairman, I believe that the National Bank depositors of these United States have a right to know what the Fed are doing with their money. There are millions of National Bank depositors in the Country who do not know that a percentage of every dollar they deposit in a Member Bank of the Fed goes automatically to American Agents of the foreign banks and that all their deposits can be paid away to foreigners without their knowledge or consent by the crooked machinery of the Fed and the questionable practices of the Fed. "

Congressman Louis McFadden

Congressman Louis McFadden On the Federal Reserve Sending Gold to Germany

Hitler did not get his diamonds by yanking diamond rings off of Jewish wives. He got them from the Jewish Oppenheimer diamond Cartel which supplied him with the industrial grade diamonds it needed to keep his tanks rolling and his Jews moving to Palestine. The diamonds were smuggled into Germany in Red Cross packages.

The OSS found out about the smuggling only after Oppenheimer (an associate of the Rothschilds) refused to allow the US to buy a stockpile of industrial grade diamonds for the US war effort.

the Diamond Invention

Diamonds for Hitler

Benjamin H. Freedman personally knew the movers and shakers behind World War I. He says nothing of Satan whorshippers.

"So, what do we face now? If we trigger a world war that may develop into a nuclear war, humanity is finished. And why will it take place? It will take place because Act III ... the curtain goes up on Act III. Act I was World War I. Act II was World War II. Act III is going to be World War III."

The Jews of the world, the Zionists and their co-religionists everywhere, are determined that they are going to again use the United States to help them permanently retain Palestine as their foothold for their world government."

Benjamin H. Freedman

Religious Jews are following a script laid down in their Torah not in the Satanic Bible even though the Satanic Bible was written by a Jew - Anton Lavey.

They believe that the scriptures which point to Jesus as being their Messiah really point to themselves. They are not only their own Messiah but their own God on earth as well. They are responsible for carrying out the prophecies which will bring final battle (armageddon) which will enthroaned themselves as rulers of the earth - and not Jesus as is written in the Book of the Revelation.

How Jews Forced America into World War II

This is the belief system which motivated Jewish bankers to fund not only Hitler but also the Soviet Union as well.

"These twelve private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this Country by the bankers who came here from Europe and repaid us our hospitality by undermining our American institutions. Those bankers took money out of this Country to finance Japan in a war against Russia. They created a reign of terror in Russia with our money in order to help that war along. They instigated the separate peace between Germany and Russia, and thus drove a wedge between the allies in World War. They financed Trotsky's passage from New York to Russia so that he might assist in the destruction of the Russian Empire. They fomented and instigated the Russian Revolution, and placed a large fund of American dollars at Trotsky's disposal in one of their branch banks in Sweden so that through him Russian homes might be thoroughly broken up and Russian children flung far and wide from their natural protectors. They have since begun breaking up of American homes and the dispersal of American children."

Congressman Louis McFadden

Congressman Louis McFadden On the Federal Reserve Funding the Russian Revolution

The First World War was about destroying the Ottman Empire so that the state of Israel could be created. The Second World War was about forcing the European Jews to move there as the vast majority did not want to go.

Hitler paid for World War I reparations to these Jewish Bankers all through world war II!

"Warburg partner Sir William Wiseman headed the British Secret Service. Two of Jacob Schiff's brothers financed the German war effort. Another partner, Bernard Baruch, was chairman of the War Industries Board; another key banking insider, Eugene Meyer, financed the war as chairman of the War Finance Corporation. When the war was over, they all met together to sign the Treaty of Versailles. Bernard Baruch headed the War Reparations Board; Max Warburg represented Germany, while Paul Warburg served as advisor to President Wilson. Cozy, isn't it?

the Bank for International Settlements was created to collect war reparations from Germany following World War 1. It was the crushing nature of those reparations that historians point to as a principle cause of World War II. Adolf Hitler blamed the terms of the Versailles Agreement that demanded those reparations for his invasion of France in 1940. But Germany continued to pay World War I reparations to France, via the Bank for International Settlements, on time, until April, 1945! "

Blood Money And Greed by Clifford Ford.

Tales of satanic elites and reptilian Illuminati blood lines are red herrings. They belong in the mainstream media where you can read about Ebola Zombies and Bat Boy's blood line.

Bat Boy's Blood Line

"According to the Weekly World News, the discovery of Bat Boy's family tree on a genealogy chart recently "stunned" evolutionary scientists who used to think the famed imp was a pitiful, one-of-a-kind mutant - but now believe he belongs to a race of creatures who have interacted with humans for at least 400 years. In the tabloid's account, the chart itself was written on vellum and found in the same Ozark Mountains cave where Dr. Ron Dillon, a biologist, rescued Bat Boy after he was trapped by a falling rock in 1992 (it should be noted, however, that the Ozark Mountains are nowhere near West Virginia). Carbon dating supposedly revealed the chart to be over a hundred years old....

Begats of Bat:

Artemis "Pip" Boee
Charles Alexander "Cotton" Boee
John "Little Cotton Joe Bundy" Boee
Susannah Boee
Alexander Boee
David Boee
Catherine Boie
Andrew Jackson Boie
Rodney Boe
Marcus Boe
Horace "Joe Ears" Boe
Margaret Boy
Herbert Hoover Boy
Susan Boy
Ruth Carter Cash Boy
Bat Boy
The brother of Ruth Carter Cash Boy. He is a decorated U.S. Marine who has confounded the authorities by stealing cars and biting children after serving his country as a "super patriot" on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq. He now wanders the wastelands of Jamaica searching for hippopotamus droppings to sell on the white market."

Bat Boy

The Saga of Bat Boy

The MSM is always willing to pay big bucks to anyone who can spin a good yarn. But the real alternative media should stick to the facts.

November 5, 2014

George Garlin: Don't Vote!

Right before his death from lung cancer, actor Yul Brynner made the same kind of commercial that the guy who played the DA in Perry Mason made.

They both said: "Don't smoke!"

William Talman Anti-Smoking Ad (1968)

Yul Brynner: Don't Smoke!

It would have been hilarious if George Carlin made the same kind of commercial only saying "Don't Vote!" instead of "Don't smoke!"

George Garlin - The Rothschilds Control America

Actually, Carlin did not mention the Rothschilds in his monologue. If he ever talked about the Rothschilds he would never have had the career which put him on so many HBO specials.

What George Carlin says is apparently important to some people as he is somewhat of a political icon. His fans get upset when someone tries to co-op him.

George-Carlin-Quote-Bastardized on Facebook by Heartland Institute

Why this should be so is a puzzle. In his monologue, Carlin suggests that the elites do not care about you at all. Carlin failed to inform his laughing audience that neither did Carlin.

"I have absolutely no sympathy for human beings whatsoever. None. And no matter what kind of problem humans are facing, whether it's natural or man-made, I always hope it gets worse."

George Carlin

Carlin fans take this with a grain of salt because they know that he was a boozer, a pot head, and a cocaine freak - which is why he got a heart attack while he was in his forties.

"In a 2008 interview, Carlin stated that using cannabis, LSD and mescaline helped him in his personal life."

George Carlin

Carlin was wont to say what was on his mind because of the short circuiting going on inside his dope and booze soaked brain.

"Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits. Those are the heavy seven. Those are the ones that'll infect your soul, curve your spine and keep the country from winning the war..."

George Carlin

Unfortunately, many of Carlin's fans in the movie making business did not have his comic ability. Nevertheless, they took after him to such an extent that it became almost impossible to pick up a video at your local library which did not contain offensive language. His movie making fans shunned the G rating as if it were the kiss of death from Marlin Brando.

This was not a person who was an outsider. This guy was an insider, all the way. Some of Carlin's comments on politicians and why he does not bother to vote ring true but his reasoning is a little flawed. Instead of blaming the politicians who play musical chairs every election season he blames the voters who they snooker and Americans in general.

George Garlin - Why I Don't Vote

Getting your rocks off and getting screwed are not necessarily the same thing.

"Taking a rhetorical criticism class in addition to rhetorical theory, I have learned both democrats and republicans use the same ideographs in their discourse"

Why I Am Not a Republican

Not only do the politicians use the same ideographs (euphemistic words to trick people into voting against there own interests), they also use the same sign makers.

Florida Political Signs

Florida Political Signs

I found this out while passing the local community center in my home town. It was rather disgusting seeing a zillion political signs crammed together in the front yard - almost all identical except for the person they were asking you to vote fore.

They were obviously all made by the same sign company. When political parties go to the extent of farming out their sign making to the same vendor as their supposed rivals you know that the whole process has become a sham.

Toward the end Carlin must have realized that the Reagan Bush Clinton Bush Obama administration had been supplying America with the cocaine that eventually took his life. So it would have been very appropriate if Carlin had made a "Don't Vote!" commercial in the Yul Brynner tradition. But alas, he died in the tradition of Philip Morris.

Winston Tastes Good Like a Cigarette Should

November 1, 2014

All Saints Day: Will the Nit-Pickers Judge World and the Angels?

The "Halloween Question" is an example of kind of nit-picking which Jesus condemned.

"Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

Matthew 7:1-5

But Jesus also said

"Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment."

John 7-24

This has caused considerable confusion among Christians and has given the nit-pickers to free reign to do as they liked!

The nit-picking began in the early Church where it caused great consternation to Saint Paul who referred to all Christians as saints and not just the ones that Saint Peter declared to be saints, by the way.

That's another example of Protestant nit-picking, by the way. Nit-picking is undoubtedly the main reason why there are thousands of Protestant denominations in the world.

The Catholic Church split away from the Eastern Orthodox Church because of nit-picking over the nature of the Trinity and this eventually lead to the sack of Constantinople by the Crusaders.

Saint Paul's problem was that his squabbling Christians were going to Pagan courts to resolve their disputes rather than working things out privately with their fellow Christians. This was giving Christianity a bad image in the Pagan world, something like the 30 Years War only on a smaller scale.

"Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints? Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? Know ye not that we shall judge angels? "

1 Corinthians 6:1-3

Out of this sprang the idea of trial by one's peers so I guess it was not all for naught.

In the movie "The Devil and Daniel Webster" Jabez Stone was damned, so in his trial he was judged by the spirits of the damned. Somehow I don't think that was what Jesus and St. Paul had in mind but then that is just more nit-picking on my part.

October 31, 2014

The Halloween Question

To me Halloween is a time to reflect on the struggle between good and evil, as well as enjoy some good old movies along that vain of thought such as "Doctor Faustus", "Damn Yankees", and "The Devil and Daniel Webster" among others.

But some people question the celebration of Halloween on account of Halloween's supposed diabolical origins. An article by Richard Evans on Herny Makow's Website suggests that people who observe Halloween are trifling with Satanism!

Halloween is a Time of Murder & Mayhem- Coincidence?

This seems to me to be a very curious article to post on the website of the guy who invented the game "Scruples."

But Scruples is not about developing your moral sense of right and wrong. It is about acquiring the ability to judge the conscience (or lack thereof) of others and to hide your own true conscience (or lack thereof) from others.

"A Question of Scruples is a board game based on ethical dilemmas. The game was invented by Henry Makow in 1984 and developed by High Game Enterprises."

Skill(s) required:

  • Simple Social skills
  • Bluffing

Scruples (game)

Makow's PHD is in English literature. English literature, when presented as the fiction that it is, can be morally instructive (as in Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol) but it can also be used to promote ideas which are essentially lies.

The Holocaust, for instance. "Schindlers List" and "The Diary of Anne Frank" are fictional but Swindler's List is not.

The only "moral" that we learn from "Schindlers List" is that a Jew should always point in the wrong direction when the Nazis are chasing Jews.

There were only about 40,000 Jews left in Germany by the time that World War II began.

"When Hitler came to power there were only 500,000 Jews in Germany; less than one per cent of the population... Today there are less than 40,000 Jews in Germany, a very small part of the population."

Hans Koehler

Inside the Gestapo 1940

What Koehler does not mention is that although Jews were driven out of Germany by the Nazis, those who decided to go to Israel were reimbursed for what they lost when they left Germany.

He does suggest that Hitler was a Rothschild in his book but he accuses Hitler of using the Jews as scapegoats. What he does not mention that the German Jews were being scapegaoted because of the betrayl of German Jewish bankers during World War I who betrayed Germany for the purpose of creating a Jewish state in Palestine. Otto Warburg whose family played a key role in Germany's betrayl spent the entire war doing his cancer research in Germany unmolested.

Jews who were as "Jewish" as Hitler (who was "one quarter Jew" according to Koehler) and who did not oppose Nazi rule were declared to be "Aryans" and served in the German army. The only reason why innocent Jews outside of Germany would have been hunted down during the war was that the Allies were demanding Jews in exchange for German POWs and there were not enough Jews in the German Work camps to satisfy the need.

The Zionists and the Nazis (many, like Hilter, who were of German Jewish descent) worked together and agreed that Germany would be for the Germans and Israel would be for the Jews. They were both nationalists and both murderous thugs.

Anyway, according to the Talmud the "goy with an axe" must always be fooled and snookered. Goys lie in waiting to kill Jews. Christian midwives are especially dangerous. Ergo, lying can be good.

This kind of moral relativism and situational ethics leads Talmud believing Jews to the point of such insane paranoia that they advocate the genocide of gentiles for fear that gentiles will genocide them!

What we learn from the moral dilemma of Jabez Stone in "The Devil and Daniel Webster" (aka "All the Money Can Buy" ) is entirely different and much more scriptural from a Christian point of view. And that is: What might seem to us to be a good thing for us in the short run may have eternally bad consequences.

Mr. Scratch

"Excellent. A firm, fair signature. One that will last till doomsday. My dear Neighbor Stone, I congratulate you! You're going to be the richest man in New Hampshire!

Jabez Stone

Well, I'll be...

Mr. Scratch

Yes. Yes, indeed.

Jabez Stone Sells his Soul

Halloween Time Again: Souls For Sale

But there is no hell is there? So are these stories really "white lies" and a matter of moral relativism?

Our Lady of Fatima told Jacinta Dos Santos and her cousins that "almost everyone" who died during the next world war (World War II) would go to hell.

"Jacinta was thinking one day, holding her head in her hands, when her mother asked: 'What are you thinking about? She only smiled, but later confided to lucy: 'I was thinking of Our Lord, of the blessed Virgin, of sinners, and of the war that is to come...So many lives will be lost, and almost all will go to hell. So many houses will be destroyed, and so many priests will be killed. 'Oh! What a pity! If men ceased offending the Lord, the war would not come and such great numbers would not go to hell."

The Hell There Is!

So much for World War II being a "just war" because it was justified by the "Jewish Holocaust."

There are about 70,000 witnesses to the miracle of the sun, and many of the astounding prophecies which the visionary children made came true.

Fatima visionaries

96th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun

There are also many witnesses to the Holocaust and the Holocaust was prophesied in the American Hebrew magazine on Halloween day in the year 1919.

Halloween Holocaust Hoax

"The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!"

But there is something about the Holocaust prophecy being made during the same year it was discovered that the "Young Turks" (who were busy slaughtering Christians in the Armenian Genocide that the ADL does not want the US congress to recognize) were really masonic crypto Jews from Salonica and the Talmudic injunction that a Jew must always try to deceive a Christian which makes the Holocaust prophecy a bit suspect.

So October 31st can be considered a kind of religious holiday: a kind of Trick for Treats Day.

Trick for Treats Day Frauds:

While one might be picky about moral messages in Hollywood films (Saint Paul tells us that the saints will judge the dead not the damned) one can not dispute the value of a good Halloween tale. Especially if it is a true tale about a tall tale.

October 27, 2014

Whom To Fear: Ebola or the CDC and the WHO?

Governments, vaccine manufacturers and the immunologists who work for them like to tell you that the risk of vaccination is low.

Gulf War Syndrome Denial by US Government

But how can you assess risk when all the possible ill effects of vaccination are denied? Gulf War Syndrome which the government denies exists is probably caused by a mycoblasma which contaminated some of the batches of anthrax vaccine given to the soldiers who went to destroy Iraq for the benefit of the state of Israel.

"Some people suspect multiple vaccines, particularly the experimental anthrax vaccine, are implicated in the disease. Currently, soldiers who refuse to take the mandatory anthrax vaccine are being court martialed and dismissed from the service.

Researchers Dr. Garth Nicolson and his wife Nancy have found a tiny bacterial microbe (a mycoplasma) in the blood of nearly half the ill vets with GWI. Amazingly, this infectious agent has a piece of HIV (the AIDS virus) attached to it.

Six months after returning home from the Gulf war, the Nicolson's daughter contracted GWI. Her mother Nancy had contracted a similar illness in 1987 when she was working with Mycoplasma incognitus in infectious disease research.

Vets insist their disease has been passed on to spouses, other family members, and even pets. Some people suspect multiple vaccines, particularly the experimental anthrax vaccine, are implicated in the disease."

Are Vaccines Causing More Disease Than They Are Curing?

Mycoplasmas are tiny intracellular parasites which can pass through the filters used to sterilize cell culture media. Viruses can also pass through these filters. These bugs can also pass right through the HEPA filters used to create the "sterile environment" inside the cell culture hood and work area.

Cell Culture Basics from GIBCO

The video shows the cell culture worker using gloves when there is no need to and, in fact, is not recommended. Gloves are worn to protect the cell culture from bacterial contamination from the hands of the person. The warm humid environment underneith the glove is perfect for growing pathogenic bacteria. Plenty of dead skin to grow on and it is virtually impossible to disinfect skin.

The hands are washed with 70% ethanol, the gloves are put on, and then they too are washed with 70% ethanol before starting to work.

You are supposed to routinely test for mycoplasma when making vaccines in cell culture. But how many vaccine manufacturers actually bother to do this? To test for all possible pathogenic viruses would probably be prohibitively costly on a mass production basis.

Most cell culturists don't even bother to test for mycoplasma contamination. They just use antibiotics. But assuming that your culture does not contain a mycoplasma just because you are using an antibiotic is a big no no. Bacteria can be present in low numbers and if so they will eventually become resistant to the antibiotic. Then all of a sudden all of the cultures which you thought were bacteria free become cloudy.

The best thing to do is to not use any antibiotics at all and to immediately discard the cultures which become contaminated.

US Government Gives World War II Vets Hepatitis

"During World War II a yellow fever vaccine manufactured with human blood serum was unknowingly contaminated with hepatitis virus and given to the military. As a result, more than 50,000 cases of serum hepatitis broke out among American troops injected with the vaccine."

Are Vaccines Causing More Disease Than They Are Curing?

That's one way on cutting back on the entitlements, I guess. A WWII vet who was a friend of mine died of Hepatitis. The government gave him a free $800 hearing aid for each ear. He went to his doctor one day and the doctor told him

"your liver is shot Mike!"

He said that he could not understand it because he did not drink. Now we know that he got it from the same folks who gave him his hearing aids.

Contamination of Vaccines by Cancer Causing viruses

Hela Cell contamination is well known in cell culture lore.

"Henrietta Lacks was a young black woman from Baltimore who died from a highly malignant cervical cancer in 1951. Small pieces of her tumor were donated to a laboratory specializing in tissue cell culture.

It is now suspected that a sexually-transmitted papilloma virus is the cause of cervical cancer.

Hela Cell Contamination

HeLa Cell Contamination

HeLa cells proved so hardy that they frequently contaminated other tissue cell lines used in cancer and cancer virus research....

Liver cells and monkey cells that were used in cancer experiments turned out to be Henrietta's cancer cells in disguise.

Even Jonas Salk, who developed the legendary Salk polio vaccine, was fooled when HeLa cells contaminated his animal cell lines. He admitted this years later in 1978 before a stunned audience of cell biologists and vaccine makers. "

Are Vaccines Causing More Disease Than They Are Curing?

And what veracity do public institutions have when vaccination is covertly used by governments for human experimentation and population control?

Leathal Covert Vaccine Experiments

"Using kids as guinea pigs in potentially harmful vaccine experiments is every parents' worst nightmare. This actually happened in 1989-1991 when Kaiser Permanente of Southern California and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) jointly conducted a measles vaccine experiment. Without proper parental disclosure, the Yugoslavian-made high titre Edmonston-Zagreb measles vaccine was tested on 1,500 poor, primarily black and Latino, inner city children in Los Angeles.

Highly recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), the high-potency experimental vaccine was previously injected into infants in Mexico, Haiti, and Africa. It was discontinued in these countries when it was discovered that the children were dying in large numbers.

Tragically, African girl babies in the experiment were given twice the dose of boys, and therefore suffered a higher death rate. The WHO pulled the vaccine off the market in 1992.

The WHO pulled the vaccine off the market in 1992."

Are Vaccines Causing More Disease Than They Are Curing?

Anti-People Vaccines

Government bureaucracies often see people as statistics and sometimes as pesky microbes.

Zyklon B produced by I.G. Farben (now called Hoechst AG) was not used by the Nazis to kill Jews. It was used as a disinfectant to kill lice, the carrier of infectious typhus.

But a French company which is a Hoechst AG subsidiary (Roussel Uclaf) has produced a product which is specifically designed to kill people in the womb. It is called Ru486 and you won't be going to prison in France if you deny that Roussel Uclaf makes it.

The fact that what the so called "pro-choice" politicians were really after is population control and not "womens' rights" is shown by the sneaky way they tried to use a hormone as an Ru486 - like abortion pill.

"In 1995, a Catholic human rights organization called Human Life International accused the WHO of promoting a Canadian-made tetanus vaccine laced with a pregnancy hormone called human choriogonadotropic hormone (HCG). Suspicions were aroused when the tetanus vaccine was prescribed in the unusual dose of five multiple injections over a three month period, and recommended only to women of reproductive age. When an unusual number of women experienced vaginal bleeding and miscarriages after the shots, a hormone additive was uncovered as the cause. Apparently the WHO has been developing and testing anti-fertility vaccines for over two decades...the major media have never reported on the controversy."

Are Vaccines Causing More Disease Than They Are Curing?

Giving a woman a hormone which you know will cause a spontaneous abortion is murder. And these are the people that you trust with your health care?

Abortion Industry Now Part of US Vaccine Production

Vaccines, Immortal Cell Lines and Cancer

When the abortion industry which is really about population control becomes a part of the manufacture of vaccines then you have to suspect that the manufacture of vaccines has become about population control. Is this the real driving force behind all of the Ebola hysteria?

"In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it."

Jacques Cousteau

October 25, 2014

DHS not Ready to Play with Dead Things

Ever notice that the "fascist look" is becoming more and more popular even though the guy who started it was hung upside down and beaten with sticks after he was killed because of his alliance with Hitler?

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power."

Benito Mussolini

Fascist Look

The U.S. Corporation and the Maritime Flag

The Department of Homeland Security is the fascist thing to do these days. Or is it the commie thing to do?

Chertoff and Lennin

Is the Department of Homeland Security Obama's Gestapo?

The fascist were always only small time punks getting small time kick backs.

Chertoff Linked to Body Scanner Manufacturer

Now they find that they are not prepared to take on Ebola!

DHS Unprepared for a Pandemic After Spending a Bundle, Warns Inspector General

I wonder why!

Ebola Zombies

Why I Will Not Submit To Medical Martial Law

Tsk, tsk. Children should not play with dead things!

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

May be the DHS children are realizing what happened to their predecessors in Italy and Germany. Fascism is only the first step forward toward communism - the total centralization of power in the state. You only start out with corporations. Then you get mega-corporations then you get a "dictatorship of the proletariate" run by few Jews in Jerusalem.

Too bad that Mussolini did not have any Jewish blood. Otherwise he would have retired to Argentina like Hitler.

The Rothschild-Hitler Connection

Fascists are always expendable because their destiny is to be the "anti-Semitic" scapegoats of Zion as a warning to other presumptuous flower goys.

News Flash!

Ebola Zombie Presidents

Ebola Zombie Presidents Last Seen Doing The Mash Potatoes and the Monster Mash on American Bandstand!

Well, you believe what you read in Time Ragazine, The Weekly World News, The Washington Ghost, The New York Crimes, and the National Expirer don't you?

While most of this may be technically untrue you have to admit that dead presidents are more honest than live ones. While they may not tell you the truth they will never lie to you.

Speaking of Flash....

Sneaky advertisement

Play Sink Soros Psyops Santas Now!

Help save the world from the evil Emporer George "Ming" Soros! He has sent his Obama Santas out into the world to create chaos!

Ming Soros

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to shoot the frauds down one by one.

Sink Soros Psyops Santas

Play Sink Soros Psyops Santas!

Instructions: Download zip file. Extract folder. Click on HTML file. This is an HTML 5 Canvas game. Arrow keys manuver space ship. Space bar fires blaster.

Good luck Buck!

Ebola Zombies not included.

End of Ad

I don't think it is any coincidence that the same year that Bobby Pickett came out with his "Monster Mash" (1962) the song "Now that I can dance" came out with the lyrics "I can Mash Potatoes. I can do the Twist."

While the teenagers were dancing to the Mash Potatoes and the Twist...

Dancing Penquins

(This is how the computerized penquins do it in Antartica)

the younger 50's baby boomers who grew up on monster movies were buying up the "Monster Mash" records - a big Halloween hit. To the kids who had not yet reached puberty American Bandstand was actually rather boring. They are the ones who put the Mash on the top of the charts.

Hey, as Wolfman Jack used to say, "if I'm lyin I'm dyin!"

"At the height of the "mashed potato" dance craze, Pickett recorded the original "Monster Mash" with the Cryptkeeper Five, which included storied musician Leon Russell. The enduring Halloween carol reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in October 1962, and charted again in 1970 (No. 91) and 1972 (No. 10).

During the 2004 presidential election, Pickett turned the song into a campaign video and retitled it "Monster Slash," with lyrics by Jerry Altman, in which he critiqued President George W. Bush's environmental policies."

Of revamping the song that is his claim to fame, Pickett says simply, "

"I decided to do this new recording because, like millions of people, I think this president has the worst environmental record in the history of our great nation."

Pickett Revamps 'Mash' As Anti-Bush Ditty

Never mind the trees. How about the buildings in New York City! The oil was for Israel. Kerry would have done the same thing as his fellow Bonesman. His money man was the self described "stereotype of a Judaeo-plutocratic Bolshevik Zionist conspirator" - George Soros.

"Now you will discover the definitive truth about 9/11 and learn why even the most popular movies on the subject have failed to address the evidence exhaustively presented in this video. The facts will make it abundantly clear that the so-called 9/11 "Truth" movement has been infiltrated and is ultimately controlled by the same criminal group who masterminded the attacks. As they say, 'if you want to control the dissent you lead the dissent.' Utilizing evidence from the FBI, CIA, NSA, US Armed Forces Intelligence sectors, Foreign Intelligence organizations, local law enforcement agencies and independent investigators, Missing Links goes where no other 9/11 video has dared to."

I love NY Greatful Dead T Shirt

Missing Links - The Definitive Truth About 9/11 - Full Documentary

"Evironmentalism" is all about saving the forests and mines as collateral for the aristocracy of Zion and as a gimmick to shake down rich goys for pet Zionist projects - which always involve the transfering the world's wealth to Zion.

"Geroge Soros is known for saving George Bush Jr from a 1990 bankruptcy. Soros still works with Bush Sr in the Carlyle Group a powerful financial organization & international weapons dealer controlled by the Rothschilds who own Vickers Munitions...."

George Soros: An Evil Rothschild Agent

October 17, 2014

Ebola Boo-la Boo-la

Saint Judas Iscariot (sainted by the Jewish commies after their bloody takeover of the Russian Empire) would have been proud of many of the "alternative media" websites' coverage of the main stream urinal's Ebola hype.

However, it is a bad idea to leave messages own your "alternative media" website about contacting big time currency and media manipulator George Soros as that would tend to lead your readers to question your sincerity in telling us what is really happening with regard to the mainstream urina's Ebola coverage.

Does Paul Farmer Have the Ebola Solution? George Soros Is Spending $4 Million to Find Out

"George Soros has purchased the Democratic Party"

"said Republican National Committee spokeswoman, Christine Iverson, and he who pays the piper calls the tune."

The Obama/Soros Plan To Destroy America

The tune that Soros is now playing is "Ebola boo-la boo-la."

Ebola Boo-la

Stewart Skewers Media Ebola Hype

Is this out of deference for his old pal from Yale whose son is also a Yale man?

"Geroge Soros is known for saving George Bush Jr from a 1990 bankruptcy. Soros still works with Bush Sr in the Carlyle Group a powerful financial organization & international weapons dealer controlled by the Rothschilds who own Vickers Munitions...."

George Soros: An Evil Rothschild Agent

Soros must have had great time pretending to oppose his godson in his race for the presidency against his fellow bonesman John Kerry. The good old boys at Yale must have laughed their kleats off at their 50th reunion (1963-2013). 1963 was the year of the JFK assasination. Kennedy was a Harvard man you know.

Boola Boola Lyrics by Alan Hirsch (1901)

Boola boola, boola boola
Boola boola, boola boola
When we rough house poor old hahvahd
They will holler, "Boola boo" Oh Yale, Eli Yale! Oh Yale, Eli Yale!
Oh Yale, Eli Yale! Oh Yale, Eli Yale!

Yale Whiffenpoofs sing "Boola Boola" at 50th Reunion

The late Sherman Skolnick claimed that Soros crony George H.W. Bush admitted to Ted Kennedy that old Eli bumped off his brother. Exacly how he ease dropped on the conversation Sherman did not say.

"With his financial ability in the billions of dollars to back whatever cause he chooses and his powerful control of the media, Soros has the means to engineer the political and economic destinies of entire nations...

The latest "cause" backed by Soros is the Obama presidency. Known as Obama's "money man," Soros's involvement with Obama's national political career began in 2005."

Soros Media Control

The Obama/Soros Plan To Destroy America

The Hungarian Zionist Nazi collaborator Soros has made a career out boola boolas.

Scaring Jews to Zion

Keep them Doggies Moving

Kerry and Bush Skull and Bones

Boo-la Boo-la Sing Along

October 15, 2014

Connecting the Firey Dots of the Wicked
Talmud ... Rothschild ... Soros ... Obama ... Ebola

This Tampa Bay article takes on the billionaire bashers for their unsubstantiated claims of the "internet conspiracy theoriests" that "Ebola epidemic" is part of a of a conspiracy to depopulate the planet via genetically engineered viruses but does not give a clue to the many statements from these billionaires who meet in secret and talk about the need to control the world's population because of the idiotic "man-made CO2 global warming" stupidity.

"Several conspiracy websites have raised questions lately about a "bioweapons lab" in Sierra Leone being the source of the virus...Some of the websites tie the "bioweapons lab" to billionaires George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates.

There's no proof of Soros and Gates funding a bioweapons lab in Kenema, one of the largest cities in Sierra Leone with a population of about 150,000. And there's really no case that a bioweapons lab in Kenema is behind the outbreak."

PunditFact: Two claims that are definitely not true about Ebola outbreak

Their "pants are on fire" it says. But there is a certain symmetry to this fire.

Setting Pants on Fire

MSM vs. the False Opposition

I have refrained from even bothering to look for any evidence for these allegations because they are frankly rather stupid. A man-made genetically engineered virus designed to depopulate the earth would be like rather like karma. It would come back to bite the butt of whoever made it.

That is why this scenario makes a poor conspiracy theory. A better conspiracy theory would be something like conspiring billionaires trying to make people believe such nonsense by what they say and do to mislead people so that their puppets in MSM can come along and easily make genuine truthseekers seem like fools and liars.

And there are sound reasons for believing this hypothesis.

"The Ebola outbreak, which public health officials privately fret could turn into a global pandemic, carries with it a quiet riddle: while West Africa ineptly focuses on prevention, virtually no one has focused on care."

Does Paul Farmer Have the Ebola Solution? George Soros Is Spending $4 Million to Find Out

These reasons have nothing to do with the "gentile white power structure" as Brother Nathanael Kapner says and everything to do with "Jewish white power structure."

George Soros: An Evil Rothschild Agent

George Soros & The Georgian Conflict

The Obama/Soros Plan To Destroy America

According to Israel Shamir almost 50% of the billionares in the US are Jews. This is all out of proportion to the percentage of US citizens who are Jewish which Shamir says is around 2.5%. He sees this as unhealthy situation and there is no doubt that a conspiracy among wealthy Jews is at the heart of this statistic, though the Christian religion with its other worldliness and desparagement of riches is probably also a factor.

The idea that government empolyees are "public servants" rather than masters is a Christian idea and wealthy Christians are likely to see themselves in this light.

Kapner, as Jewish convert to the Christian faith (as is Shamir), is seeking to create a create a Christian consciousness among the Christian billionaires whose extinction is a very real possibility. But labeling them as "white" is going about it in the wrong way. It sounds racist.

You can't find many Christian billionaires willing to stand up against the Jewish money power and there are some like David Rockefeller who are in bed with them. Talking about "white" is only going to stampede them like a herd of elephants away from your cause.

Not to mention the millionaires like Bill Cosby whose son was killed by the Russian Jewish mafia.

Russian Zionists Assassinated Ennis Cosby

And what about converting some Jewish billionaires to Christianity? Easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for an elephant to get to heaven you know! Unless it is pink, of course.

Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants on Parade

Phil Cheers Jayhan sounds like he may see them up there all the time. Tough to be a false opposition webmaster you know.

October 13, 2014

97th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun

About a hundred years ago World War I began. Three years later the great Miracle of the Sun at Fatima Portugal occurred. During the miracle the Lady who appeared to Lucia Dos Santos and her cousins told them that World War I would soon end (which it did) and that Russia would become a threat to the world by spreading errors which would result in the annihilation of nations. The Ukraine was one of those nations as were many countries which were to become engulfed in the evil empire of the Soviet Union. But the Lady also predicted that Russia would return to the faith which it has.

Fatima visionaries

96th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun

The Lady also predicted that Lucia's cousins would soon be taken to heaven. They died not long after the prediction. They were taken by the great Spanish Flu Epidemic which followed on the heals of World War I.

Corpses and wounded soldiers huddled together make the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of pathogens and the disruption of the infrastructure caused by armies which lay siege to enemy nations weakens the immune system of civilian populations.

This potent combination of evil is symbolised in the Book of the Revelation as the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse."

4 Horemen of the Apocalypse symoblism

Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, the Pale Horse of Death and Pestilence

The correct symbolism fore the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse I believe to be is:

  1. White horse - the Antichrist and his religion ( Talmudic Judaism)
  2. Red horse - the war which it brings
  3. Pale horse - the famine and plague which follows war
  4. Black horse - death which follows famine and plague

The original Antichrist which John dared not name except in cryptic reference to what his name adds up to in Hebrew letters (666) was Nero Caesar. Nero became a convert to Talmudism and left an heir who became a famous rabbi by the name of Meir according to the Talmud.

But why then did the message of Fatima finger only the people offending God to be the cause of World Wars I and II?

The reason why they were offending their God was that they would rather offend Him and risk losing the protection of His grace than offend Satan's Synagoge and lose the lure of his mammon. Which is not a cross between a mastodon and a mammoth by the way.

Mammoth Vs Mastodon

Mammoth Mastodon

October 12, 2014

The Great 1950s Epidemic of Kids Playing with Matches

While there was a war of terrorism on children in the 1950s because of kids playing with matches the US fought it with public service annoucements. Unlike the state of Israel the US government did not find it necessary to shoot the kids in the head or cut off their arms.

Frank Stooly and Mrs. Shiva

Remembering Gravis Mushnick This Halloween Season
(Page updated.)

Another epidemic which seems occurs around Halloween is the spreading of stories about how kids are given candy laced with things like needles, razor blades, poison, and narcotics. This is the "trick" in the "trick or treat." More often than not these stories have their origin in Halloween pranks pulled off by the kids themselves.

"Professor Joel Best of Fresno State has done extensive research into the history of claims of Halloween candy tampering and has found that many, many of the reports seem to be pranks kids play on their parents. Talking to the LA Times, Best said:

"My favorite," Best says, "was the kid who brought a half-eaten candy bar to his parents and said,

"I think there's ant poison on this.' They had it checked and, sure enough, there was ant poison on it significantly, on the end he had not bitten."

Of course, the youngster had applied the poison himself."

The Terrifying Truth About Razor Blades In Apples!

Pot Luck on Halloween

What gave some credence to the spiked Halloween candy stories (which killed the Halloween trick or treating in my neck of the woods) was the Halloween tradition of kids throwing eggs at the houses of people who did not dish out the chocolate loot or at the houses of people the kids just did not like. But not all of the rumors were the result of Halloween pranks.

"Anything else weird turn up in Halloween candy?

In 2000, parents began finding an odd trick mixed into their children's treats: Snickers wrappers stuffed with marijuana.

Eventually, the police and the homeowner pieced together what had happened. The man worked in the dead letter office at a local postal facility, and when he found a bag of Snickers in a lost package, he brought them home to give out as treats. He hadn't realized, though, that the candy bars were actually someone's attempt at smuggling pot through the mail."

A Brief History of Sick People Tampering With Halloween Candy

The moral of the story is that during this Halloween season you can just take your Ebola stories with a grain of hydrogen chloride. To the chemical illiterates out there that is not a poison but just ordinary table salt.

Makes one wonder. Do kids take after their parents or is it the other way around? Or is it that some prankster kids just never grow up?

Ebola Zombies

Ebola Zombies: Victims Rising from the Dead

The Ex-lax Coated Doughnut Conspiracy

Personally, I am in my 6th childhood and hopefully I will make through to my 9th and into my 2nd infancy. The last prank that I pulled was in Jr. High School when I conspired with my friends to offer Ex-lax coated doughnuts to our coaches which they quickly wolfed down. My friends and I thought that it was hilarious.

Having once been part of a conspiracy I know that kooky 9/11 conspiracy theories must be just as hilarious to the "good ole boy" pranksters who pulled off 9/11 as the coaches running to the bathroom were to me and my friends.

There is no doubt in my mind that they are behind many of these theories and that the more people that they get to believe in them the funnier it becomes to them.

There is something about being a part of a group or clicke which makes one capable of doing things that one would never think of doing otherwise. The group or clicke decides what is right and wrong no matter what the outside society's laws or rules of behavior are.

Bowling for Ebola

A "siver lining" that West Africa will get IMF loans? More like a lining of gold and diamonds for some folks who are pulling the strings.

"Wow, that's a new one... seed a country with ebola and then bail them out with IMF loans... makes perfect sense to me... If you understand that anyone who takes an IMF loan will NEVER be able to pay it back, so when this all blows over and the IMF wants their money, they will simply just take what they want... This goes back to John Perkins - confessions of an economic hitman, but instead of building dams, power stations or anything of real value they just start a war like in the Middle East or Ukraine and loan money for soldiers, security, insurance and war equipment, why waste the time of pretending you are just doing business... and now they can create ebola outbreaks and this funnels all the money loaned back to the (US) big pharma companies and the IMF will own the resources of the countries (who is still alive, will be their economic debtor slaves...) time to wake up... Let's hope the Ukraine is the last of the lemmings... "

IMF Bailouts For Ebola Epidemic Regions

Seeded Ebola or seeded lies?

"If the death rate for ebola is about 50-90% and if there is no cure for ebola then how is it possible that 75% of the alleged patients in the FIRST epicenter, in Guinea, of the outbreak have recovered (Bloomberg, July 29, 2014)?"

The 2014 Ebola Outbreak is a PROVEN FRAUD

Obviously, most of the patients did not have Ebola. While extremely deadly, the Ebola virus is easily contained.

Emerging Infectious Diseases

"Ebola was first recognized after an outbreak in Africa, in 1976. By 1977, the virus that causes this disease had been isolated and classified as a filovirus, a type of RNA virus that includes Marburg virus, a close relative of Ebola. Ebola causes a particularly severe haemorrhagic fever that kills more than 50% of those infected. Because of the

severity of disease and the rapid progression to death after the initial appearance of symptoms, this virus has received a great deal of attention. However, while the risk of death is very high if you are infected with Ebola, it is fairly easy to control the spread of the virus. Through isolation of infected individuals, hospital workers and medical personnel can be protected. In such ways, the spread of Ebola virus has been contained during the two most recent outbreaks."

The Threat of Infection from Potential Agents of Bioterrorism

"Pathogens and toxins with potential for use as weapons are called “select agents” and include bacteria, bacterial toxins, and certain viruses (see table). The threat from such agents depends on both the severity of the disease it causes and the ease with which it can be disseminated. For example, Ebola virus causes a fulminating hemorraghic disease, but spread of the virus requires direct contact with infected fluids. More worrisome are pathogens that can be spread by aerosol contact, such as anthrax, and toxins that can be added to food or water supplies, such as botulinum toxin."

Kuby Immunology

Kevin Barrett does a pretty good job of hysterical media hyping himself in this article but he makes some good points about Ebola being a tropical disease not likely to become a public threat in the US.

Media-hyped public hysteria is almost always in service to a hidden agenda.

Ebola Crapola

Although I don't believe in astrology or UFOs (i.e. flying saucers) Ann Kreilkamp and one of her commentors makes some pretty good points too.

"If it were not for the alternative blogs and articles I read, I would not even be aware of the latest attempt from Zionist owned and controlled mainstream media's latest attempt to distract, and fear monger. I no longer believe anything they print, announce, or peddle."

When is Ebola not Ebola? When it walks off an airplane

I am not Rappoport, however. While Ebola is not a threat to the US HIV still is. No virus in history has been studied more than HIV and there is no question in the minds of the vast majority of Immunologists that HIV is the causative agent of AIDS.

HIV Causes AIDS: Proof Derived from Koch's Postulates

The insidious nature of HIV is that it takes about 8 years to cause AIDS. It can integrate into the your DNA and so remain undetectable by your immune system while it sheds its proteins which become attached to uninfected immune cells causing them to be recognized as foreign by your immune system and thus be destroyed. At the same time the virus confers resistance to apoptosis (the self destruction signal which T cytotoxic cells give to virus infected cells) to the cell which it infects.

"we have analyzed apoptosis and HIV-1 RNA in lymph nodes from HIV infected individuals. Lymphoid tissue is a major reservoir of viral infection in HIV disease and a primary site of antigen presentation and lymphocyte activation. Surprisingly, apoptosis is seen predominantly in uninfected bystander cells and not in productively infected cells, suggesting that infected cells are relatively protected from apoptosis in vivo....

Viral or cellular targets that inhibit apoptosis, thereby promoting the survival and persistence of HIV-infected cells, may be attractive targets for future therapeutics."

Biochemical mechanisms of HIV induced T cell apoptosis

It is probably this resistance to apoptosis which is the reason why in so many AIDS patients are getting Kaposi's sarcoma. The gene defect in inherited adenomatosis of the colon and rectum (ACR) is a resistance of colon cells to apoptosis which is necessary for the turnover of cells in the colonic epithelium.

The targeting of HIV blocked apoptosis offers the best hope (and perhaps the only hope) for HIV infected people. Once full blown AIDS has started the infected person's immune system has been totally destroyed.

"HIV-1 blocks apoptosis, programmed cell death, an innate defense of cells against viral invasion. However, apoptosis can be selectively reactivated in HIV-infected cells by chemical agents that interfere with HIV-1 gene expression...

We studied two globally used medicines, the topical antifungal ciclopirox and the iron chelator deferiprone, for their effect on apoptosis in HIV-infected H9 cells and in peripheral blood mononuclear cells infected with clinical HIV-1 isolates. Both medicines activated apoptosis preferentially in HIV-infected cells, suggesting that the drugs mediate escape from the viral suppression of defensive apoptosis.

In infected H9 cells, ciclopirox and deferiprone enhanced mitochondrial membrane depolarization, initiating the intrinsic pathway of apoptosis to execution, as evidenced by caspase-3 activation, poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase proteolysis, DNA degradation, and apoptotic cell morphology."

Drug-Induced Reactivation of Apoptosis Abrogates HIV-1 Infection

Rappoport's criticism of AZT is entirely justified. But in denying that HIV causes AIDS he is spreading an extremely pernicious lie. Promiscuous people infected with HIV who believe this lie and do not change their behavior will spread their disease and many will die sooner than they would have died otherwise.

Rappoport's HIV Advice: Break on Through

My advice to the HIV infected if they do not want take AZT is to take vitamin A and or beta carotene. I know from personal experiance that vitamin A is effective against warts. A wart is a kind of benign tumor which is caused by a virus. Its mode of operation may be to induce the wart cells to undergo apoptosis.

In the meantime they might consider enrolling in a clinical trial of iclopirox or deferiprone or some other experimental drug being tested as an HIV cure from the apoptosis angle.

Vitamin A may be effective against warts but this is a topical anti-viral application. Vitamin A may be toxic at mega-dose levels when taken internally and no one has ever did a dose-response assay of Vitamin A as a treatment for HIV in vivo (and may be even in vitro.)

Beta carotene is less toxic than Vitamin A but again you are looking at unknown territory. Do some research and contact those in the know who can do something about it. And that does not include any MD who does not believe that HIV causes AIDs. Rappoport is selling a book. You are dealing with your life.

October 7, 2014

Ode to Ebola

Ebola is definitely is a Halloween disease because it is so scary. The scariest thing about Ebola is that so little is known about it. Very little research has been done. The reason for this is because it there are so few cases of it. It is so rare that they can't even find its natural vector or carrier in the wild . It is probably spread by a blood sucking arthropod such as a flea, tick or mosquitoe but it is so rare that no one looking has ever found a vector which carries it.

"Outbreak" is a movie; "The Hot Zone" is a book-- This hemorrhagic fever sure has the world ashook.

For all the fascination with Filoviridae, More people die from cholera on any given day.

More die from influenza, TB, and meningitis; The hype is just another round of selfish TV-itis.

It's easy being so concerned when vicariously thrilled With all the distant, violent ways that people can be killed.

So easy just to run your mouth and escalate the scare-- It's much more fun than studying the info that's out there.

So read the novels, watch the news, and feel your tensions rise: The truth has not the same appeal as titillating lies. "

Jimmy Durante giving Buster Keaton a haircut

Those Fascinating Filoviridae

Nosocomial transmission has nothting to do with Jimmy Durante. Nosocomial infections are something you get from a hospital not from a barber shop. The practice of medical doctors employing barber surgeons to do their operations has fallen out of favor since the middle ages (though it may make a come-back with Obamacare).

October 6, 2014

Inka Dinka Doo for Rinky Dink Rip Off Inc.

"HP said its shareholders would own a stake in both businesses through a tax-free transaction next year. Each business contributes about half of HP's revenue and profit.

Shares of the 75-year-old company, which has struggled to adapt to the new era of mobile and online computing, were up 4.4 percent at $36.78 in late morning trading on Monday."

Hewlett-Packard to split into two public companies, lay off 5,000

Seventy five is about the average lifespan of a person, and many of HP's ripped off customers believe that it is about time for the corporate personage of HP to kick the bucket - which could explain why HP had to lay off 5,000 workers.

"At the time the discussion was made that at current prices of black in k from manufacturers like HP, ink was priced at roughly $4000 per gallon. The number today looks closer to $8000 per gallon, especially when dealing with colored inks. The complete bullshit of it all is that even though these companies make 90% profit on ink sales, they continue to embed technology into the cartridges and software to tell you a cartridge is empty long before it is actually empty.

In addition to that, HP and others continue to use "destroy at all cost" tactics against 3rd party ink vendors claiming copyright infringement, DCMA infringement and other all-out bullshit to protect their nothing-but-profit industry."

HP Printer Ink Class Action Lawsuit

"What a total rip off by your company! Your company deservs to die and be replaced by a competetor who actually is honest and supports its products.

I do not use HP products at home because of their short life span and other sleaze issues. "

How to turn off hp printer replace ink cartridge?

"HP Printers Drain You Dry ON PURPOSE

All HP7000 and HP8000 series printers force you to get new color cartridges even when you are printing only black ink or gray scale. They will use mixtures of the other colors purposely to drain your cartridges.

AND WHATS WORSE is your printer will not print (even black only) when any one of the cartridges are low. This is a ploy to make you buy their expensive cartridges. There are 4 individual cartridges that will cost $30 to $50 each to refill. I have gone through 6 yellow, 4 cyan, and 3 magenta color cartridges in less than a year - and I have never printed in color - I only print Black - Grey Scale. It uses the color cartridges just as fast or even faster then the Black only cartridge.

I spent $180 for the printer - which I thought was a great deal but I have paid twice that so far for replacement color cartridges.


have an HP OfficeJet L7780 and it does the same thing. AND they have designed the ink cartridges so that they can't be refilled, so I have to buy HP ink.

This person's experience is in no way an anomaly! Don't ever ever ever buy an HP printer! "

Hewlett Packard, HP HP Scams Customers Who Buy HP Printers by Forcing Them to Print in COLOR

"HP is ripping customers off.

Hewlett Packard has, unbeknownst to customers who purchased HP printers (tying product), tied as a condition, the purchase of new HP ink cartridges (tied product), or HP recycled ink cartridges, through the use of illegal anticompetitive consumer practices.

HP forces you, according to HP predetermined usage, in order for your printer to work, to buy their ink cartridges, or HP will shut your printer down. Don't try to figure out patches. This is anti-competitive, and in violation of anti-trust laws.I patched into the Illinois Attorney General office.

Tell everyone you know that HP is scamming everyone with their ink. Tell HP you know they are scamming you with their ink."

HP Inkjet Cartridges Utter Garbage...or Just a Scam?

My advice to HP stockholders to take the money and run if they can not kick out the management. Any company which screws its customers the way HP has been doing is not long for this world. Stockholders should be mad as hell that the management has been playing these kind of games with the reputation of their company.

The main flaw in the corporate system is that the entrepreneurs which start up the corporations for the purpose of providing things that people want and need evenutally sell out to or are taken over by people who are only interested in making money. These are the people who put a blot on industry and corporations. HP is all washed up because of them.

Jimmy Durante Inka Dinka Doo

BTW, I used to do a Jimmy Durante impersonation when I was a kid. I must have been pretty good at it because I remember that my father used to laugh when I did it.

Rather easy to do, actually. Just say:

"Inka Dinka Doo for Rinky Dink Rip Off Inc. Ha cha cha cha cha. I got a million of em!"

in a raspy voice.

October 5, 2014

The Mass Graves of October

October seems to bring out the macabre in people. There is something about the days getting shorter and the shadows lengthening which makes people think on death and evil. I myself have started to think of a nightmare that I used to have when I was a kid which I associate with this trailer which used to come on TV in the 1950s as an advertizement.

Trailer: The Screaming Skull (1958)

Of course, there are no real vampires which can kill you.

VanHelsing vs. Dracula

Allhallows Day and the Myth of the Vampire

Only the metaphorical ones.

WTC Jumpers Silverstein gang

The Jew Behind Ukraine's Mass Graves

But most people are just too busy to notice these days. Even the walking dead who have malignant mesothelioma because of the WTC asbestos in their lungs.

I love NY Greatful Dead T Shirt

Haven't Got Time For The Pain?

The crime of mass murder is an extreme crime requiring an extreme motive. The prime motive in the JFK assassination was changing the US president so that Israel's nuclear weapons program (which the Israeli government considered essential for its survival and plans for expansion) could proceed without hindrance. JFK was removed because he stood in the way.

By closing off the JFK investigation into the possible of the involvement of Israel and the possible connection between the JFK assassination and RFK's "Operation Mongoose" (which was an attempt to remove a Jewish dictator by the name of Castro from power in Cuba) the US Congress closed off any possibility of solving the crime.

The US government could not even deal with the false flag attack on the USS Liberty by the Israeli government and actually covered it up. Such ineptitude undoubtedly has contributed to a contempt for the US government by the Israeli government which led to the World Trade Center false flag.

If the dam is going to break then people have to start getting angry. Very angry. Angry enough to recall on the spot any politician who stands in the way of 9/11 truth. Angry enough to start putting the electronic fraud machine operators in prison. Angry enough to demand the imprisonment of judges, media moguls, and anyone else standing in the way.

This is not an investigation into collective guilt of anyone. It is an investigation of into the crime of mass murder and the snookering of America into trillions of dollars of fraudulent debt.

Palestinian child disarmed by Israeli settlers

Does God have a Racist Plan?

Palestinian child disarmed by Israeli settlers

Disarming the Palestinians

Rabbi teaching Israeli kids to kill

Teach Your Children Well

Roman Arch

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Economic Cycles, The Dow, Gold and the Federal Reserve

Pier Review

Language Translator

translate to Russian

Translate to Ukrainian

Translate to German

Translate to French


Bablefish is not one of the translators included among the imtranslator translators even though the Babel fish is well known for being able its ability to translate intergalactic gibberish into one's own gibberish merely by sticking one in your ear: This is according to the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Nevertheless, imtranslator is particularly good for webmasters who wish to promote World War III through international understanding.

Seriously, though, the biblical idea that it is not good for man to communicate lest he build a Ziggurat - an ancient astronomical observatory and temple to see what the gods are up to - probably has its origin in the Hyksos captivity in Chaldea - the Hyksos were the ancient Hebrews according to Josephus. The Hyksos priests did not want their flock mixing with all those gentiles from foreign lands lest their shekels carried away by foreign gods.

In the interest of piquancy it is interesting to note that, in addition to being the first astronomers, Sumerian priests were the first bankers. In rendering their shekels unto the priests the ancient Sumerians were laying the foundation of modern banking. You can eat just so many turtle doves, you know.


Ancient Astronomical Observatories

There is one thing the ancient Sumerian clay tablets lacked that the Hitch Hiker's Guide has, however: Those large friendly letters on the cover:

Don't Panic animated gif